Torch Guy has been remastered and released on mobile!

For the best experience, please download the game!

  Sound effects, Main Menu music and Power-Up menu music don't work on WebGL due to some unknown errors.

A roguelike game made in 7 days for BTP Jam #3!

MovementWASD/Arrow keysJoystick
Throw TorchSpace keySquare/A Button
Look BackCtrlTriangle/X Button

The less torches you carry, the more faster you are.

The less hunger you have, the more slower you will be able to throw torches.

The less health you have, the more damage you deal to enemies.

The less specific type of food you collect, the more that type of food will heal you.

The less steps you take to reach the destination portal, the more you will have hunger and health left by the end of the level.

Listen to the official soundtrack of the game!



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alright man THIS IS POG



I really can't say anything bad about this. It was well polished although it could use more biomes. Also I really liked the upgrade system. Great game!

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P.S. a tutorial might have been nice also my scores are "AHHHHHHHH" and "HELP"


Great experience ! it's a good game.


Great game! My highscore is level 20 wooo



I just spotted your new game and I gave it a try on Linux.

I wanted to use controller, but the selected point in menu is not always highlighted in yellow - so I use mouse in such cases.

Unfortunately I don't understand the logic of the game. X (look back) has no function (?), movement is sometimes one field, sometimes one field is 3 steps and one can not change direction if one is not in the center of a field (my impression).

Additionally the torch guy looks not always in the direction of movement ...

I occasionally threw one torch - but could not reproduce it - seems when arriving at a formerly burning torch it is no longer burning ...

I got once to a portal and could select an update - selected heart - but I am not sure if something changes / what it changes.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the game is not really good when playing with a controller xD. I recommend playing first with a keyboard and mouse before playing with a controller.