A 2.5D rhythmic bullet-hell game, where you have to keep the flow of the party night show going!

NOTE: For the best experience, please download the standalone version of the game.

ControlsKey bindings
MovementWASD / Arrow keys
Exit to main menu / PauseEscape key

Main Features

  • Perform in 5+ unique stages across different periods and dimensions.
  • Take back on evil interdimensional rascals and monsters who came to ruin your concerts!
  • Unlock special abilities to sharpen your dancing skills!
  • Vibe to eccentric music tracks! The game features its own original soundtrack! You can listen it on Spotify!
  • Challenge your friends! After playing a level, your score gets submitted to an online competitive leaderboard of that level!



OwnTheFloor (Windows) [UPDATED!] 43 MB
OwnTheFloor (Windows) [Jam Edition] 42 MB
OwnTheFloor (MacOS) [UPDATED!] 54 MB
OwnTheFloor (Linux) [UPDATED!] 45 MB

Also available on

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haha, hakker go brrrt

No , hacker no go brrrrrr


This is really cool games. This type of games I never seen before.


Hi, I couldn't play the game but to solve the itch.io not playing webgl build issue just select no compression while building for webgl and it should probably work. Atleast it worked for me ;)


Hello LeoFireMage! Yes, we are aware of that, it is something that wasn’t reassured when we were submitting our game, once the jam ends, we will upload a working web build with new updates! For now, you can still enjoy playing the game on standalone platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The webgl build after the update works now!