New Massive Update V2

What's new?

  • A new, more responsive UI layout!
  • You can now individually edit or delete leaderboard entries.
  • New fields for leaderboard entries:
    • Date (auto) -  Unix timestamp of the last exact time an entry was uploaded/modified.
    • Extra (optional) - store an extra string of data into your entries.
  • Added a "Profanity Filter" toggle for leaderboards. When enabled, profane usernames are blocked from getting submitted into the leaderboard.
  • Created leaderboards are now saved locally.
  • You can now name your leaderboards.
  • You can now delete your leaderboards permanently.
  • Masked public and secret keys (input fields -> buttons).
  • Faster server performance!


• Public and Secret keys

Before, you would use the public key to access the leaderboard, and the secret key to upload a new highscore to the leaderboard. Now, the public key is used for both getting the leaderboard and uploading a new entry. Now, the secret key's main function is backup. So if you switch to a different machine or delete your browser's history, you can add your leaderboards back by entering their secret key. This change in the behavior of the keys was done to prevent malicious editing of leaderboards. In modern games, leaderboards are easily hacked, even in AAA games. There is no real way of protecting one, other than by removing impossible scores and/or verifying them manually.

• Unity Package

Steps to integrate online leaderboards have been simplified, so no need to copy generated code any more from the tool. Now, all you have to do, is import the Unity package which contains the scripts for working with leaderboards. The Unity package also comes with a demo scene, so if you're frustrated about how to set up things, be sure to check it out.


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Aug 18, 2022

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