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New update v2.81 released!
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The Official Documentation is now here!


How to create a leaderboard using this tool?

Press the "Create New Leaderboard" button and wait for the leaderboard to generate.

How to use a generated leaderboard?

  1. Copy and save the secret key of your leaderboard somewhere else in your system.
  2. Copy the public key of your leaderboard.
  3. Download the Unity package of the tool and drag it into your Unity project.

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Updated 29 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
AuthorDanial Jumagaliyev
Made withUnity
Tagsleaderboard, leaderboard-creator, networking, online-leaderboard, Unity, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few seconds


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Leaderboard Creator V2.81 (Unity Package) 12 kB
Leaderboard Creator V2.81 [+Demo Scene] (Unity Package) 31 kB

Premium Perks

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Advanced Leaderboard

  • Will hold up to 100,000 entries (10,000% increase)
  • Extra string length per entry will be up to 1,000 (1,000% increase)
  • Higher request bandwidth (1,000% increase)
  • Ability to mass delete entries based on score, rank and days of submission
  • NEW! Ability to blacklist users by usernames and user IDs
  • And you get to support the creator :D

You also get this sweet animation when activating it:

*Delivered within 24 hours of purchase

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Is there a way to allow negative scores? When I try and pass through negative scores Unity gives me a console error. I have an idea for a work around on my end but was wondering if there's a spot in your scripts that I could tweak to allow for negative values....


There are times when I play and I get this error "[LeaderboardCreator] Not Found" and if I have my leaderboard loaded, how can I fix that?

Hello SaraCastro132!

This is a global issue, and I assure you I am working on fixing this.

Thank you very much for creating this wonderful tool, I am sure you will solve them

And sometimes I having this other problem "

 Service Unavailable: <!DOCTYPE html>



Hello, i wanna ask is there's a way to has a function that can delete the user data from leaderboard itself instead of admin that need to do it 

Hey F-AR!

Please see the documentation guide here:


Hello, is there a way to check a player's ranking when they upload their score? Something that allows the player to understand if they are in the first place, the second ecc

Hey Costiklev!

Please see the documentation guide here:


This works for oculus?

Hey SaraCastro132!

Yes, it should work for all platforms!

Thanks it works


awesome resource, used it in a recent jam game.

check it out


This is great when it works. In my previous games I never had problems but today when playing them or trying to implement the leaderboard into a new game, I noticed there is a major server delay and sometimes I get a Heroku error page in the console.

Is this a known issue and I should look for an alternative or is this just a temporary hiccup?

Thanks for such a great tool!

I report the same problem.  Service is not reliable


I want to report that the servers were down today. I had to retry many times. Finally, I used the creator to see my leaderboards. That forced it to recover. Then my apps could communicate with it.


Hey Galaware Consulting LLC!

Currently the servers are facing some hiccups that I'm working on fixing. Sorry for the inconveniences.

(1 edit) (+1)

Can I clear the records on the leaderboard without doing them one by one?

Hey ManamanTR!

This is something that's going to be implemented in the next update!


Just added this to my game, Awesome tool. I have added credits. :)

Monkeying Around

This is an awesome tool for games but for some reason im getting an error saying "Uploading entry data failed" and "[LeaderboardCreator] Not Found"

(1 edit)

Add your leaderboard to the "Leaderboards.cs". That was the problem for me. Check the documentation for any further detail.

first of all thank you so much for this amazing tool.

However, I'm getting a bug where unity just completely freezes and becomes unresponsive. It appears to only happen when I try to send / fetch data from the leaderboard. Any idea what could be happening? It could very well be something on my end, I just haven't been able to pinpoint the source. tysm

Hey colecantcode!

I am pretty sure you might be calling some function recursively by accident. Regardless, I can take a look at it if you provide your code to me via Discord (@danqzq).

Looks like servers are down currently, other than that this has been very useful

Should be up right now!

Hi, I am doing a game jam due today, and all I have left is the leaderboard.  For whatever reason, it will not let my copy the public or private key.  Can you please get back to me ASAP.  Thanks!

Hey gamershousestudio!

Due to a new browser policy copying to clipboard became broken on some browsers and I am working on fixing it. As a temporary workaround, I made the keys appear on top of the Unity view, so you will be able to copy the keys from there for now. The keys are alternatively printed in the developer console, so you can copy them from there.

Hey Dude! are the servers okay? they seem to be down a lot these days, hope they get fixed soon


Hello DenyGamez!

They should be working, but due to so many leaderboards being maintained at once it's hard for it to keep up. I am trying my best to keep it running with as less downtime as possible.

Hi, I also have problems with the server. I hope it will work again soon.

Hey, it should be up and running!

Hi Dan! The servers seem offline, do you know what happened?

Now the servers are online but my leaderboard is missing


Not sure, what happened, but I am working on investigating the issue.

If you have any news let me know, in game it still works but I can't seem to manage it, but I will try to create another one to replace it now.

The copy button for the keys doesn't seems to be working.

Due to a new browser policy copying to clipboard became broken on some browsers and I am working on fixing it. As a temporary workaround, I made the keys appear on top of the Unity view, so you will be able to copy the keys from there for now. The keys are alternatively printed in the developer console, so you can copy them from there.


Hi Dan! I tried implementing it to my game but I keep getting this error whenever I try to upload a score: User GUID is null or empty! Please authorize the user before uploading an entry.

I really have no Idea what could it be, thanks!

Hello T- cius!

Make sure your Authorization Save Mode isn't set to Unhandled in the settings window of the tool.

Thanks! I already had fixed it following you tutorial, but thanks again for the reply!

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello dan! I'm having problems with UploadNewEntry() method as it only updates the username instead of creating a new entry.

Hello 5kr1mp!

Please refer to the FAQ which goes over why this is happening:


Hi! Thanks for your tool :)
I noticed that these times, I couldn't update the username on my little project using your leaderboard. I just noticed reading the v2.8 updates that 'UpdateEntryUsername' is now deprecated.

I was wondering what is the correct way to update a username after this new version. Should we simply use UploadNewEntry with the new username?

Thanks again for your tool :)

Hey Gitanerie!

No problem! Yes, just call UploadNewEntry with the new username. That will update the username for the entry and retain the high score.


Perfect! Thank you :)


Hi! I'm trying to use your tool, but when pressing on the secret key button it opens a pop-up with the code, but I cannot copy it from ther


same Here, the public key wasn't copied to my clipboard either but i could select it with my mouse o copy it


I can't even select it with the mouse, I don't know why. I had to do a screenshot and take the text from the picture with AI

Hey, due to a new browser policy copying to clipboard became broken on some browsers and I am working on fixing it. The keys are alternatively printed in the developer console, so you can copy them from there.

As a temporary workaround, I made the keys appear on top of the Unity view, so you will be able to copy the keys from there for now.


Hello! The Leaderboard functionality in my game is functioning smoothly; it uploads and downloads values as expected. However, when attempting to manage it here, clicking on 'Add Existing Leaderboard' using my secret key results in the addition of an empty, random leaderboard instead of the intended one. Strangely, the game continues to update the correct leaderboard without issue.

Am I doing something wrong?

(1 edit)

Adding some important info, all leaderboard added share the same public and secret key, and when I enter any of the leaderboard there is a red message "not found"

Hey osbaldoj!

Could you send me the public key or secret key of your leaderboard through Discord? I think I will be able to fully understand your problem with more explanation or a live demo. My username there is: @danqzq


Hey im getting the Error "Allocate is not defined in my browser when i try to add a number in the input field of "Add Existing Leaderboard" "

Hey Morgee!

I will take a look and try to fix this soon, thanks for letting me know!

I was able to get my data anyway from the waterfall on reset keys but ty very much, the error seems to come from an "Oudated" function "pointer_stringify" if your try to pull public or private key

On the "add existing leaderboard" i dont know what function is the problem

This should be fixed now!


Hello! Thank you for your work on the leaderboard creator! I am working to implement it into my game. I'm unsure exactly what to change here to access my score variable. Can you advise?

// Make changes to this section according to how you're storing the player's score:
// ------------------------------------------------------------ [SerializeField] private ExampleGame _exampleGame;

private int Score => _exampleGame.Score;
// ------------------------------------------------------------

I'm also not seeing anything in the inspector to assign objects to (screenshot below). I'm sure these are easy fixes as I've still got lots to learn. Thanks for any assistance!

Hello invertedMirrors!

Where are you handling the player's score in your game?


Can i organise the leaderboard by name alphabetical order? 

I am kind of trying to make it do something it probably wasn't designed to do but I have this requirement. Is this a possibility?

Hey joeyjojoe71!

If you could fetch all the entries of your leaderboard, then you can write your own algorithm to sort those entries based on their usernames in alphabetical order.


Leaderbord disappear sometime from my leaderboard list. is this normal?


Hello tabtaste!

This could be due to your browser not caching the leaderboard credentials. In any case, you should be saving your leaderboards' secret keys.

Ah okay thanks a lot!


i have a game where user have go through an auth and in return i get a unique id for that user, so that user can play the game from multiple device. What i want is to upload that id along with username and score. So that whenever i am uploading new entry, i check if the entry against that id exist, if yes then update it, if no then create new one

Hello SquadCell!

With the latest version, there is a way to manually insert unique IDs for players as a method of identification. Please read more here on how to integrate manual authorization of players:


Hey, how can I allow the table to take scores greater than an int32? I modified the functions to take longs instead, but I get an error thrown that the score cannot be larger than 2147...etc. 

Is this a network limitation or is there something else I can change to allow this?

Hello Niblet!

There is unfortunately no straightforward approach to this, but you could make use of the Extra field to hold more data for each player.


this tool is amazing

bug report tho

you get locked in when you're using the free version and try to black list someone, the only clickable button in that menu is the "Save & Close" button, and when You click it It gives you the warning and never closes.

Thanks for the bug report, I will fix this soon!


Hi, My project uses Unity 2019.4.40f1. this means some of the code did not work, due to my C# version being version 7.3. So, I ended up rewriting the ConstantVariables class. Hopefully you are all cool with it, It would not have worked if I didn't. Here it is:

        internal const string GUID_KEY = "LEADERBOARD_CREATOR___LOCAL_GUID";

        private const string SERVER_URL = "";

        private static string URL_EXTENSION;

        internal static string GetServerURL(Routes route = Routes.None, string extra = "")


            switch (route)


                case Routes.Authorize:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/authorize";



                case Routes.Get:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/get";


                case Routes.Upload:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/entry/upload";


                case Routes.UpdateUsername:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/entry/update-username";


                case Routes.DeleteEntry:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/entry/delete";


                case Routes.GetPersonalEntry:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/entry/get";


                case Routes.GetEntryCount:

                    URL_EXTENSION = "/entry/count";



            return SERVER_URL + URL_EXTENSION + extra;



Thank you for letting me know about this. I will revert the script to work with 2019.4 versions.

There are a couple other lines of code in one of the other scripts that uses the ConstantVariables, but other than that, the compatibility of this code for 2019.4 is actually really good!

Is it possible to use this to keep track of globally shared stat? Similar to the "Total Deaths Worldwide" counter in Dark Souls 2.


Hey ConaLukBro!

Currently, no. However, this is a cool idea and I will potentially work on integrating it in the future!

(2 edits)

Hi! I'm having hard time with already taken username while uploading scores. Please Is there an errorcallback to identify this case or any way to check if username is available? I tried with IsMine in order to know if my score is already on the leaderboard but doesn't work properly.  


Alternatively, you can try receiving the error callback upon entry submission when calling the UploadNewEntry function.

 internal server error is occurring

Do you have an idea of when things will get back to normal?

Should be back up now

Yeah it's working now, thanks! 


Hi! is there a way to identify my score from all the entries loaded?

Hey Ljtobitz!

Yes. Each Entry has a IsMine() member method with returns true if the entry belongs to the player.



How can i delete all entries at once?

Hey ConflictusAr!

Unfortunately, you cannot delete all entries at once for classic leaderboards. This feature is only available for advanced leaderboards and it can only be done manually as of now.


suddenly, the leaderboard started recording new lines for the same user. when I try deleting the lower record it deletes from the top.

I hope that this would be fixed

Hey GoodAUB!

This is getting worked on to be fixed.

Thanks for your feedback.

Can you please update on the progress


I think that the problem is not fixed yet


Hello Dan. I'm using your Leaderboard Creator in my game, which after the game, stores score with their name in a leaderboard. A problem I'm facing though is that after they point their information in, send entry, then go back to the main menu and play a new game, and then try to submit a new score, it overrides the previous game. Is there any way to work around this? Thanks!

Hey christopher11302!

The FAQ in the documentation contains an answer to your question. It also suggests a possible workaround for your case.


Hi Dan. I tried installing version 2.8. On the ranking I checked "Unique Username" and the game still replies "409 Username already exist". The same response happens when I try your Demo! If I uncheck "Unique Username", the game registers two identical names for me. It appears that this update did not resolve the issue of unique identifiers being lost. I tried using both "player prefs" and "persistent data path", the problem remains. Thank you so much for your possible response and for what you created.

The curious thing is that if I ask the server for my "guid", he answers correctly. Despite this, (randomly) either clone the nick name (or reply "409" if I set "Unique Username")

Hey morgan1635!

Is this issue happening specifically on your leaderboard(s)? I have tested the demo scene with the demo leaderboard and could not see this issue occur. This could be an issue that is tied to your leaderboard, so if you could reach out to me via email with its public key I could investigate more.

(1 edit) (+1)

You mentioned that you fixed the leaderboard resetting after the update, but they still reset

Hey Eloren!

I am not sure if you saw my reply to your previous comment, but I would like you to reach out to me via Discord (@danqzq) or email at so we could investigate this issue as it seems to be happening for a select number of users' leaderboards.


hi dan, thanks for making this! i'm using it and it works great! i'm just curious but if i use UploadEntry how does it work exactly? does it reset the score if it higher than the original or does it override it entirely? thanks in advance!


Hey DenyGamez!

It will override the previous entry if the new one exceeds by its score. It works using a unique user identifier which is assigned to the player upon initialization.


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