NOTE: For the best quality experience please download the game.

ANOTHER NOTE: To play online with another, make sure you join or create a room with the same name. Some network lag/delay might persist when dealing damage to opponents.

MovementWASD or arrow keys
Jump & Double Jump                                    Space bar
AttackLMB (Left Mouse Button) or J key        
Leave MatchHOLD Escape key

The main premise of the game lies within the characters. All of their names rhyme with ASH, and their names describe their appearances and attacks.




- Type: Melee
- Primary attack: Crimson Claws - Slash performs a slash with his sharp claws.



- Type: Ranged
- Primary attack: Rubbish Rampage - Trash jumps and shoots out garbage from himself.


- Type: Ranged & Flying
- Primary attack: Dollar Delivery - Cash charges and throws a big buck.


- Type: Melee & Flying
- Primary attack: Self Strike - Crash gains an extra speed boost and deals damage by bumping into his opponents.


- Type: Ranged
- Primary attack: Raycast of Radiance - Flash blasts out rays from his flashlights.


- Type: Melee
- Primary attack: Double Drub - Smash carries out a big slam with two of his big boulder-like hands.


- Type: Melee
- Primary attack: Hammer Head - Bash leans back and bangs his head onto the ground.
- Bonus attack: Airborne Amplification - When in the air, Bash will enlarge his head, being able to push his opponents.


- Type: Melee
- Primary attack: Pack'n'Pound - Mash widens and pummels to the ground with big force.


  • 08/09/2021: 1st place in Datorium Summer Game Jam 2021


Multiplayer was handled using Photon - a Unity plugin that allows online multiplayer implementation.

Other used assets from the Unity Asset Store:

All sound effects are CC0 licensed and were used from


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ASH Windows (Updated!) 71 MB
ASH MacOS (Updated!) 82 MB
ASH Linux (Updated!) 88 MB
ASH Windows (Jam Edition) 69 MB
ASH MacOS (Jam Edition) 78 MB
ASH Linux (Jam Edition) 85 MB

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I have not played it yet (will try to get it running with a friend, though) ...

Form the description and the menu (I started the Linux version) it looks promising.

Is the game hardcoded to your server and there the appropriate room is created or how does this online PvP via Unity work?

It may be a lot to ask - but would it be possible to add a local PvP mode with two controllers (or two keyboards - but I have seen the 2 keyboards treated as two devices only once in a game) later?

But really nice idea and design -  great!

Best wishes,


Hello, thanks!

We have updated the game to have many cool features such as local multiplayer, up to 4 player matches, controller support, and an easier way of creating, joining and finding rooms to join for online multiplayer.