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alright man THIS IS POG



I really can't say anything bad about this. It was well polished although it could use more biomes. Also I really liked the upgrade system. Great game!

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P.S. a tutorial might have been nice also my scores are "AHHHHHHHH" and "HELP"


Great experience ! it's a good game.


Great game! My highscore is level 20 wooo



I just spotted your new game and I gave it a try on Linux.

I wanted to use controller, but the selected point in menu is not always highlighted in yellow - so I use mouse in such cases.

Unfortunately I don't understand the logic of the game. X (look back) has no function (?), movement is sometimes one field, sometimes one field is 3 steps and one can not change direction if one is not in the center of a field (my impression).

Additionally the torch guy looks not always in the direction of movement ...

I occasionally threw one torch - but could not reproduce it - seems when arriving at a formerly burning torch it is no longer burning ...

I got once to a portal and could select an update - selected heart - but I am not sure if something changes / what it changes.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the game is not really good when playing with a controller xD. I recommend playing first with a keyboard and mouse before playing with a controller.