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ControlsKey bindings
Attack / Break wallsLeft Mouse Button
Weapon swapNumber keys (1, 2, 3 and 4)

Originally made under 48 hours.

Fight your way through the haunted stronghold, that has been built by the foreign evil forces of hell. Can you get to the boss?

Throughout the game you can find secrets, that can be found by breaking some walls...


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorDanial Jumagaliyev
GenreAction, Adventure, Shooter
Made withUnity, Aseprite
TagsFPS, miz-jam, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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you did good on this, well done!


This is fun but... hey, you added screenshot of shop, but game doesn't have shop!!! But this is fun... Boss is VERY hard to beat cuz you can't get ammo, and magician is very hard without gun.

Actually there is a shop as soon as you pass the arena where you obtain the pistol!

Yea, i saw in speedrun in your server lol. Btw, why there is no something like "general" channel?

What do you mean? The general channel is there, in fact there are 2, lol

Idk what is going on... i didn't see shop, not i didn't see general channels! Maybe user should have member role or be at server for 10 minutes? idk. But i am sure there was only annoncement, jams, and your games channels


Very nice game man waiting for more!


Very nice! Can you allow for changing the mouse sensitivity? Also, a few times I jumped around and glitched into ground. Keep up the good work!


Hello Astroneer King! The mouse sensitivity setting is available in the settings menu! About the glitch, I am aware of it, and as far as I know it appears when you are standing directly on top of an enemy/gate that is about to pop out from the ground. Thanks for checking out the game!

Ah, cool, There is a settings menu! Could you allow for the settings to be changed during the game so you don't have to exit the playthrough to change it? I think it can be an awesome game.


Yes, of course!


Super awesome! I'd happily pay $20 for 20 or so levels of this. Good luck with the full version :)

Have you considered rendering the enemies additive? I think it would look neat.

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This is a very fun game to play, it has this doom style movement and strategy that I really enjoy, where you have to dodge by moving to the sides and stepping back quickly while keeping up the rythym. I hope the full version has an arena mode just to spend time while listening to a podcast or doing something.

I think the main issue is the audio. I had downloaded the game on windows, and I can barely hear it without increasing the volume on my headphones.


This game is awesome! There are not many that have the cool 3D effect like it. I would have the weapon switch mapped to the scroll wheel though.


Good idea on the mouse scroll wheel weapons swap, will implement that!


Awesome game! Only thing is that the mouse controls feel a bit clunky. I would definitely enhance that, otherwise the basic concept is really good!


the game looks great and I love the secret rooms and graphics!


Awesome game!  Love the dungeon and how you designed it eg.(cheeky toilet easter egg, secret behind secret, no money for getting kills with the gun). I feel like it was a good difficulty and found a new thing everytime i died and enjoyed the last boss fight a lot. Overall very impressed that you were able to make that in 48 hours well done! : )

money for getting kills with the gun

Me reading this while playing the game: So this was a fucking lie...


very good game


awesome, very polished in all fronts! the combat is simple, but works surprisingly well. i'd recommend adding a health bar for stronger enemies, just so they feel less like damage sponges, and a few more sound effects to the game for more feedback on actions. really good job!

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Thanks for checking out my game! I really wanted to nail the retro aesthetic of the game, so just like in the classic old shooter games, enemies didn't have HP bars.


Very good game. Nice style