Made in 12 hours for ZAM Jam. 

Yes, I know, the jam lasted 50 days, and here I am, submitting a game using 1% of all the time given. 

Well, I at least hope you enjoy yet another one of my little games!

Controls                                                                                                                                               Key bindings                                                                                                                                      
MovementWASD keys
LookMouse movement
EscapeExit the game

About Beaker's AI:

  • He chases after the player...
  • He gets faster as you get further away from your start position, try to run around closer to the centre of the map.

About how to win:

  • An exit will spawn on a random side of the map. Finding it may be easy, but getting out of Beaker's reach will be tough if you keep running near the sides of the map...


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heehehehheheheh. love it.