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  • November 26th - release
  • October 28th - Minor bugfixes (volume sliders in Settings are now fixed)!
  • October 25th - New biome and online multiplayer support!
  • October 24th - Initial Release!


  • Movement - WASD or Arrow keys
  • Look - Mouse
  • Exit to Menu - Escape Key


A game about slimes where your goal is to become as HUGE as possible! Becoming bigger than other slimes will allow you to consume them to become even bigger! Beware of spiky bushes, they may help you hide inside of them when you're small, but if you're bigger than them they will make you lose your size!


  • Developed by Danial Jumagaliyev
  • Models by Danial Jumagaliyev
  • Music by TeknoAXE
  • Sound effects from


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I like it, but I don't enjoy the inverted mouse controls

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I enjoyed playing the game. The art and controls are nice , and the game was fun to play.